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A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.  Eleanor Roosevelt


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Adam, Michael: Womankind - a celebration
Wildwood House 1st 1980
4to pb 160pp, sl wr to edges of cvrs, cvrs sl dulled + sl curled o/w VG+ 525 gms
(Order reference 12761).


Adie, Kate: Corsets to Camouflage - Women and War
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 2003
4to M/F 1050 gms
(Order reference 7007).

What is She Like? Lesbian Identities from the 1950s to the 1990s

Ainley, Rosa: What is She Like? Lesbian Identities from the 1950s to the 1990s
Cassell 1st 1995
8vo, glazed pictorial boards F+ 475 gms
(Order reference 8207).

'Dyke', 'queer', 'diesel', 'butch', 'femme', 'zami', 'drag king', 'lesbian feminist', 'kush', 'sapphic' — just some of the names we use to describe ourselves, these 'labels' make a statement about how we identify as lesbians, be it sexually, politically, socially or simply as a fashion statement. But what are 'we' really like?

In What Is She Like? Rosa Ainley looks in depth at how lesbians see themselves and at the questions of identity that have always defined and divided the lesbian community. Covering the period from the 1950s, with its repressive influence on sexuality in general, through so-called sexual liberation in the 1960s, to the freedoms and limitations of (lesbian) feminism in the 1970s, she brings exciting and illuminating perspectives to bear on lesbian lives in the 1990s, when lipstick lesbians are the darlings of the mainstream media.

Ainley deconstructs the bizarre popular myths and stereotypes which often surround the twilight world of lesbianism, substituting for them a celebration of the multifarious nature of the lesbian subculture which has evolved during the late twentieth century.
In a series of fascinating interviews interspersed with the text, over twenty women, of varying ages, races and backgrounds, talk frankly about their lives and lifestyles as lesbians, focusing on their own identity in terms of politics, leisure pursuits, fashion and affiliations.

Rosa Ainley is an editor, writer and photographer. Past publications include Death of a Mother: Daughter's Tales (Pandora 1995). Her work has appeared in a range of publications from The Guardian to Town and Country Planning to Diva.

  Asher, Jane: Silent Nights for You and Your Baby
Pelham Books 1st 1984
8vo VG++/VG++ 300 gms
(Order reference 5332).

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 Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ages Beer, Frances: Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ages
Boydell Press 1st 1992
8vo, v sl wr + v v min crsing to d/w, prev owner's book plate to fep o/w F/VG++ 490 gms
(Order reference 11895).

This book is a study of three medieval women, Hildegard of Bingen, Mechthild of Magdeburg, and Julian of Norwich, all of whom were mystics. Although they differed radically in temperament, they largely transcended the antifeminism of their times — perhaps as a result of the confidence arising from their extraordinary spiritual experiences — and articulated their special revelations, even when they diverged from orthodox doctrine, in their writings.

Each of the women is here more fully revealed to a 20th-century audience by Frances Beer's close textual analysis of her work, supported by such biographical detail as remains. Their social milieu and historical context, carefully considered, also help us to understand them as individuals: however liberated, they are to some extent products of their environments. Hildegard's perception of her Creator is informed by the heroic ideal, while Mechthild's erotic experience seems to reveal the influence of the minnesingers. The solitary Julian's experience of tender intimacy with her Lord, to be shared with any who would be Christ's lovers, reveals an egalitarian confidence in the ability of the individual soul to progress towards oneness with the divine.

Each of the writers displays her `womanliness' in a variety of ways —Hildegard by the inclusion of grand female figures such as Ecclesia and Synagogue, MechthiId by the elevation of the Virgin to divine status, equal to her son, and Julian by her understanding of the motherhood of God. Their individual natures are also further revealed through the author's examination of their resolution of a number of theological problems. By contrast, the works of two medieval men writing for women are also explored, for an indication of the degree to which their approach might be informed by antifeminism, and to compare their approach to the experience of union with that of Hildegard, Mechthild or Julian.

  Brydon, Lynne & Chant, Sylvia: Women in the Third World - Gender issues in rural and urban areas
Edward Elgar 1st 1989
8vo F+/VG++ 550 gms
(Order reference 7758).
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  Cameron, Deborah (ed): The Feminist Critique of Language - a reader
Routledge 2nd edn 2002
4to pb, min bmps to fr cvr, neat prev owner's name to fep o/w VG++ 700 gms
(Order reference 14383).
  Caplan, Paula J: The Myth of Women's Masochism
E P Dutton 1st 1985
8vo F/VG++ 495 gms
(Order reference 7112).
  Chadwick, Whitney: Women, Art and Society
Thames & Hudson 2nd edn revised and expanded 1996
8vo pb 448pp F. 272 illustrations, 60 in colour. 865 gms
(Order reference 8211).
  Cosslett, Tess; Easton, Alison & Summerfield, Penny (eds): Women, Power and Resistance - an introduction to Women's Studies
Open University Press 1st 1996
4to pb 301pp, v min bmps, wr + min crsing to cvrs o/w VG++ 565 gms
(Order reference 14449).
  Crawford, Vicki L; Rouse, Jacqueline Anne & Woods, Barbara: Women in the Civil Rights Movement - trailblazers & torchbearers 1941-1965
Indiana University Press 1993
large 8vo pb 290pp, v min bmps to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 510 gms
(Order reference 13842).
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  Devonshire, Amanda & Wood, Barbara (eds): Women in Industry and Technology from prehistory to the present day - current research and the museum experience proceedings from the 1994 WHAM conference
Museum of London 1st 1996
4to pb 352pp, v min wr + sl crsing to cvrs o/w VG++ 1100 gms
(Order reference 12633).
  du Plessix Gray, Francine: Rage and Fire - a life of Louise Colet - pioneer feminist
Hamish Hamilton 1st 1994
8vo, v v min bmps to bds, wr, chps + dulling to d/w, marked 'Damaged' on btm edge of pages o/w VG++/VG+ 835 gms
(Order reference 9025).
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  Flint, Kate: The Woman Reader 1837-1914
Clarendon Press 1995
large 8vo pb 366pp VG++ 680 gms
(Order reference 14589).
  Florence, Mary Sargent; Marshall, Catherine & Ogden, CK: Militarism Versus Feminism - writings on women and war
Virago 1st thus 1987
8vo pb 178pp, min crsing + wr, inscr to inside fr cvr o/w VG+ 160 gms
(Order reference 5366).
  French, Marilyn: The War Against Women
Hamish Hamilton 1st 1992
4to pb 229pp, wr to edges + sl dulling to cvrs o/w VG+ 380 gms
(Order reference 6332).
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  Gaffin, Jean & Thomas, David: Caring & Sharing - the centenary history of the Co-operative Women's Guild
Co-operative Union 1st 1983
tall 8vo pb 280pp, v min bmps, wr + minor waterstaining to cvrs, tiny area of tippex to title p o/w VG+ 365 gms
(Order reference 9731).
  Gallop, Jane: Feminism and Psychoanalysis - The Daughter's Seduction
Macmillan rep 1994
small 4to pb 164pp, v min bmp to edge of cvrs, 1 page dogeared o/w VG+ 240 gms
(Order reference 14448).
 Postfemininities in Popular Culture Genz, Stephanie: Postfemininities in Popular Culture
Palgrave Macmillan 1st 2009
small 4to, glazed pictorial boards, tiny amount of wr to cnrs of bds o/w F 400 gms
(Order reference 14451).
  Glamuzina, Julie & Laurie, Alison J: Parker & Hulme - a lesbian view
Firebrand Books 1st 1995
large 8vo pb 214pp VG++ 285 gms
(Order reference 14662).
  Griffiths, Gareth: Women's Factory Work in World War 1
Alan Sutton 1st 1991
4to, black bds with gold titling to spine, v v sl spotting to fep o/w F/F 670 gms
(Order reference 14480).
  Gruhzit-Hoyt, Olga: They Also Served - American Women in World War II
Birch Lane Press 1st 1995
8vo F+/F 650 gms
(Order reference 11298).
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  Hanscombe, Gillian E: The Art of Life - Dorothy Richardson and the development of feminist consciousness
Peter Owen 1st 1982
8vo F+/F 375 gms
(Order reference 7755).
  Hansen, Joseph; Reed, Evelyn & Waters, Mary-Alice: Cosmetics, Fashions and the Exploitation of Women
Pathfinder 4th prtg 1993
8vo pb 138pp, v v min indents to cvrs o/w VG++ 180 gms
(Order reference 7221).
  Haskell, Molly: From Revenge to Rape - the treatment of women in the movies
New English Library 1st 1975
8vo, page edges sl tanned o/w VG++/VG++ 720 gms
(Order reference 10902).

From the tremulous virgins and rip-roaring flappers of the Silents to the raped and brutalised sex objects of the sixties and seventies, the treatment of women in the movies is a tale of betrayal. Where once the movie industry backed films that highlighted the strength and independence of such stars as Dietrich, Hepburn, Crawford and Stanwyck, today we are given blatantly sexist films in which women are dehumanised and demeaned.

`The closer women come to claiming their rights and achieving independence in real life, the more loudly and stridently films tell us it's a man's world.'

FROM REVERENCE TO RAPE - sardonic, pungent, funny and informed - is a chronicle of these changes.
Controversial and genuinely original, it takes a tough look at sex and sexism in the movies and, in so doing, tells us as much about our culture and ourselves as it does about our films. For the treatment of women in the movies is more than a question of art or entertainment. If films have flattered and amused us, reflecting our most cherished beliefs, they have also distorted truth and reinforced delusions, perpetuating stereotypes and shaping values.

FROM REVERENCE TO RAPE is both a portrait of our past and an interpretation of our present.

In the force of its argument, it is perhaps also a signpost for the future. But FROM REVERENCE TO RAPE is also a vivid and witty history of the movies of the glitter and the gossip, the creative flair and the plain hard work that have gone into six decades of movie-making. In the words of Richard Roud, programme director of the New York Film Festival and film critic for the Guardian, Most books on women in movies read as if they had been composed by a computer. Molly Haskell scores because she is as much interested in movies as she is in women. And her knowledge of film history and her critical sense make FROM REVERENCE TO RAPE not only a penetrating survey of the way women have been portrayed in movies, but also a very revealing study of film itself. Her thesis - that the situation has deteriorated over the years - seems at first unlikely. By the end, one is totally convinced.'

  Holdsworth, Angela: Out of the Dolls House - the story of Women in the Twentieth Century
BBC Books rep 1989
4to pb 208pp VG++ 520 gms
(Order reference 13010).
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 Ingenious Women - from tincture of saffron to flying machines Jaffe, Deborah F'word by Sandy Toksvig: Ingenious Women - from tincture of saffron to flying machines
Sutton Publishing 1st in pb 2004 4to pb 210pp, v v small area of delamination at foot of fr cvr o/w F 565 gms
(Order reference 10635).

From preserving saffron to windscreen wipers, dishwashers to bras, women have invented countless unusual and ingenious devices and gadgets. Huge, profitable companies exist as a result of the ideas of women like Melitta Bentz, who devised filter papers for coffee. The ideas of Countess Ada Lovelace were crucial to Charles Babbage and his work on the analytical engine. Yet most female inventors have been denied their place in history, even though they have been at the heart of it.

Ingenious Women examines an intriguing cross-section of female inventors from aroundthe world, beginning with the first British woman patent-holder in 1637 andending with Maria Montessori's educational equipment in 1914. Margaret Knight,an American, eventually won a lengthy court battle with her employer which allowed her to retain ownership of her patent for a machine to make flat?bottomed paper bags. Martha Coston also had a fight on her hands when shedeveloped her late husband's idea for signal flares at sea, as the navy claimed itwas theirs. Madame Roxey Caplin was awarded the prize medal as 'Manufacturer, Designer and Inventor' at the Great Exhibition in 1851 for her corset designs, but two patents which were taken out, based on joint designs, were in her husband's name.In this fascinating book, Deborah Jaffe introduces the women who saw themselves as inventors, electricians, engineers, milliners, nurses, motorcar drivers, gentlewomen, spinsters, wives or duchesses, and gives them their rightful title of 'ingenious women'. The outbreak of the First World War was a watershed in women's lives but, as this book shows, their innovative ideas had already been making an impact on all our lives for nearly 300 years.

 Women in Athenian Law and Life Just, Roger: Women in Athenian Law and Life
Routledge rep 1994
8vo pb 317pp, v v min indents to cvrs + v v min wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 445 gms
(Order reference 11864).

This book provides a comprehensive account of the Athenians' conception of women during the classical period. Though nothing remains that represents the authentic voice of women themselves, there is a wealth of evidence showing how men sought to define women. By working through a range of material, from the provisions of Athenian law to the representations of tragedy and comedy, the author builds up, in the manner of an anthropological ethnography, a coherent and integrated picture of the Athenians' notion of 'woman'.

'Just draws a clear and vivid picture of the "social complexities" which" constitute the stuff of life" in classical Athens ... excellent, thoroughly readable .. .'
Helen King, The Times Literary Supplement

' ... admirably lucid ... Just's grasp of his classical sources is as firm as his knowledge of the anthropological frameworks .. .'
Stephen Todd, The Times Higher Education Supplement

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  Kent, Greta: A View from the Bandstand
Sheba Feminist Publishers 1983
landscape fmt 4to pb 48pp, top r h cnr (4" x 3") mssg o/w VG++ 185 gms
(Order reference 11989).
Feminism and Materialism - women and modes of production  Kuhn, Annette & Wolpe, AnnMarie (eds): Feminism and Materialism - women and modes of production
Routledge & Kegan Paul 1st 1978
8vo F/VG++ 505 gms
(Order reference 11922).
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  Laffin, John: Women in Battle (illustrated with photographs)
Abelard-Schuman 1st 1967
8vo, wr + chps to d/w, d/w spine heavily sunned, slightly grubby o/w VG++/VG+ 395 gms
(Order reference 7762).
  Liddiard, Mabel: The Mothercraft Manual or The Expectant and Nursing Mother - and Baby's First Two Years
J A Churchill 5th edn 1926
8vo, bmps + wr to bds, wr, chps + crsing to d/w with areas of loss, sm name + date to fep o/w VG/G+ 300 gms
(Order reference 3475).

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  Morris, Pam: Literature and Feminism - an introduction
Blackwell rep 1995 large
8vo pb 217pp, some underlining + marginalia o/w VG++ 405 gms
(Order reference 13596).
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  Sharpe, Sue: Fathers and Daughters
Routledge 1st 1994
8vo pb 184pp, v v min wr to cvrs o/w VG++ 275 gms
(Order reference 5348).

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  Tong, Rosemarie: Feminist Thought - a comprehensive introduction
Routledge rep 1995
large 8vo pb 305pp, wr + crsing to cvrs, sl curling to top + btm cnrs of pages, some pencil underlining + marginalia o/w VG+ 455 gms
(Order reference 12536).
  Trollope, Joanna: Britannia's Daughters
Pimlico 1994
4to pb 224pp VG++ 585 gms
(Order reference 6333).
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  Weiner, Gaby: Feminisms in Education
OUP rep 1995
4to pb 166pp F 240 gms
(Order reference 6373).
  Wiesner, Merry E: Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe
Cambridge University Press 1st 1993
large 8vo pb 264pp VG++ 405 gms
(Order reference 12800).
 Wives, Mistresses and Matriarchs Williams, Louise: Wives, Mistresses and Matriarchs
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st 1988
large 8vo, v v min crsing to d/w edges, rear of d/w very sl grubby o/w F+/VG++ 660 gms
(Order reference 13618).
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