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Television is more interesting than people. If it were not we should have people standing in the corner of our room. Alan Coren

The whole country was tied together by radio. We all experienced the same heroes and comedians and singers. They were giants. Woody Allen


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Radio Times Official Collector's Edition - Star Trek 30 Years
Telemedia Publications 1st 1996
4to pb 168pp, foldout map of Star Trek universe laid in, both F+ 495 gms
(Order reference 13550).


Perfick! the Darling Buds of May Souvenir Edition
Colour Library Books 1st 1991
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w, v min wrinkling to edges of d/w o/w F/VG++ 625 gms
(Order reference 12555).

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Ableman, Paul: Dad's Army - The Defence of a Front Line English Village
BBC 1st 1989
4to, glazed pict bds, min brning to p edges o/w VG++ 516 gms
(Order reference 2410).

Dad's Army - The Defence of a Front Line English Village

Ableman, Paul: Dad's Army - The Defence of a Front Line English Village
BBC 1st 1989
4to, glazed pictorial boards F+ 520 gms
(Order reference 13003).


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  Barker, Ronnie: It's Goodnight from Him
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 1976
4to pict glazed bds VG++ 516 gms
(Order reference 1669).
Stanley Baxter 'On Screen' Baxter, Stanley & Hoare, Ken: Stanley Baxter 'On Screen'
Michael Joseph 1st 1980
4to, v min crsing to d/w edges o/w VG++/VG++ 655 gms
(Order reference 9626).

A 1926 Bull-Nose Morris, upholstered in leopardskin, stands in the driveway of a huge decaying mansion ... rats scamper across an empty swimming pool. A monocled Prussian butler attends his master, a once-great television star called Stanley Baxter.

From an opening of almost unbearable poignancy, we recapture the excitement of Baxter's triumphant comeback. At last we can savour, in words and pictures, some ot.hls memorable TV appearances. Not since the Yellow Pages has there been such an unprecedented list of names.

While Baxter's career has been documented in newspapers and magazines, Stanley Baxter on Screen probes deeper. For the first time we strip the gauze from the camera lens to reveal Baxter the Man. Until now this phenomenal entertainer has remained a mysterious, elusive individual who shuns the glare of public life and jealously guards the dark secret of his calorie count. Sometimes his fans catch a glimpse of a solitary figure in a floppy hat and dark glasses. They clamour for autographs and are sadly disillusioned to find that it is not Baxter at all, but a kindred spirit called Garbo.

Ken Hoare, who has written many Baxter programmes, has researched his subject well. He has spoken to authoritative sources, tracking them down in film archives, bus queues and launderettes, and persuading them to talk to him about their favourite funny man. Nevertheless, books about Dick Emery and Benny Hill will have to wait.

Stanley Baxter thought it was vital to emphasize that the subject matter of this book, and the explicit photographs it contains, may be offensive to certain readers. "And if 'that doesn't push up the sales, nothing will!" he added. Stanley Baxter on Screen is a book to make voyeurs of us all.

  Beck, Sally: Queen of the Street - the amazing life of Julie Goodyear
Blake 1st 1995
v min crsing + wr to d/w o/w F/VG+ 612 gms
(Order reference 2417).
  Brennand, Tom: Eamonn Andrews
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st 1989
F/VG++ 614 gms
(Order reference 2421).
Lucy in the Afternoon - an intimate memoir of Lucille Ball Brochu, Jim: Lucy in the Afternoon - an intimate memoir of Lucille Ball
New English Library 1st 1990
8vo, v min bmps + sl sunning to bd edges, min brning to p edges, v v sl crsing to d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 460 gms
(Order reference 6824).
   Bygraves, Max: Max Bygraves In His Own Words
Breedon 1st 1997
min crsing to d/w edges o/w F/VG+ 632 gms
(Order reference 2188).
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  Cook, Lin (ed): Something Like Fire - Peter Cook Remembered
Methuen 1st 1996 8vo, v min crsing to rear of d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 585 gms
(Order reference 7096).
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  Day, Sir Robin: ...But With respect - memorable interviews with statesmen and parliamentarians
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st 1993
F/F 714 gms
(Order reference 2423).
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  Eddington, Paul: So Far, So Good
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 1995
M/VG++ 530 gms
(Order reference 2358).
F gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggiggggggggg gTOP
  Farnes, Norma (ed): The Goons - the story
Virgin 1st 1997
large 4to, d/w price-clipped VG++/VG++ 1025 gms
(Order reference 9256).
  Fletcher, Cyril: Nice One Cyril
Barrie & Jenkins 1st 1978
min mrk to fep, min crsing to d/w o/w VG+/VG 468 gms
(Order reference 1680).
  Forwood, Margaret: The Real Benny Hill
Robson Books 1st 1992
8vo, v min crsing to d/w edges + 2 small trs at the btm of d/w spine o/w F/VG+ 605 gms
(Order reference 8170).
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  Galton, Ray & Simpson, Alan: Hancock's Half Hour
Woburn Press 1st 1974
4to F 528 gms
(Order reference 491).
  Grace, Alan F'word by David Hatch: The Link with Home - sixty years of Forces Radio
BFBS 2003
4to pb 236pp VG++ 485 gms
(Order reference 11766).
  Greenwald, Jeff: Future Perfect - how Star Trek conquered planet Earth
Viking 1st 1998
8vo F/VG++ 580 gms
(Order reference 10040).
  Gross, Edward & Altman, Mark: Captain's Logs - The Complete Trek Voyages
Boxtree 1st 1993
lrge frmtpb, shop stmp to title p, min crses & bmps o/w VG+ 845 gms
(Order reference 1252).
  Grundy, Bill: That Man - A Memory of Tommy Handley
Elm Tree Books 1st 1976
8vo, v v sl sunning to cvrs o/w VG++/VG++ 260 gms
(Order reference 14246).
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  Hancock, Freddie & Nathan, David: Hancock
Ariel Books 1986
8vo pb 200pp, v min wr o/w VG+ 234 gms
(Order reference 2430).
  Harron, Martha: Don Harron - a parent contradiction
Collins (Toronto) 1st 1988
F/F 714 gms
(Order reference 1706).
  Hildred, Stafford & Ewbank, Tim: John Thaw - the biography
Andre Deutsch 1st 1998
8vo F/F 600 gms
(Order reference 7868).
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  Maxwell, John: The Greatest Billy Cotton Band Show
Jupiter 1st 1976
4to F/VG++. Record mssg 745 gms
(Order reference 11698).
  Merton, Paul: My Struggle
Boxtree 1st 1995
F/VG+ 398 gms
(Order reference 1678).
  Milligan, Spike: The Book of the Goons
Corgi 1975
4to pb 144pp, min wr + sl crsing to cvrs o/w VG+ 360 gms
(Order reference 13376).
  Muir, Frank: A Kentish Lad
Bantam Press
rep 1997 v min crsing to d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 694 gms
(Order reference 2171).
  Muir, Frank & Norden, Denis: The Glums - based on the original radio scripts
Robson Books 1st 1979
4to, glazed pictorial boards VG++ 435 gms
(Order reference 11520).
  Muir, Frank & Norden, Denis (based on scripts by): The Glums
Robson Books 1st 1979
4to, glazed pictorial boards F 445 gms
(Order reference 9151).
  Muir, Frank & Nordern, Denis: The Glums
Robson Books 1st 1979 4to VG++ 412 gms
(Order reference 489).
  Murray, Barry: Paul Daniels Adult Magic
Michael O'Mara Books 1st 1989
F/VG++ 790 gms
(Order reference 2138).

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  Niall, Leonard: Richard Dimbleby Broadcaster
BBC 1st 1966
min rbs + indents o/w VG 412 gms
(Order reference 1011).
O gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggiggggggggg gTOP
  Oakes, Philip: The Entertainers - Tony Hancock
Woburn-Futura 1st 1975
8vo pb 96pp VG++ 180 gms
(Order reference 10064).
  Okuda, Michael; Okuda, Denise & Mirek, Debbie: The Star Trek Encyclopedia - a reference guide to the future
Pocket Books 1994
large 4to pb 396pp, v v min wr + sl dogearing to pages o/w VG+ 960 gms
(Order reference 13189).
P gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggiggggggggg gTOP
  Painting, Norman: Forever Ambridge - 25 Years of 'The Archers'
Michael Joseph 1st 1975
min bmp to bds, d/w price clipped o/w VG+/VG+ 452 gms
(Order reference 2322).
  Perry, George: Life of Python
Pavilion/Michael Joseph 1st 1983
4to, sunning to top edges of bds, v min crsing + wr to edges of d/w + small puncture hole to fr of spine of d/w o/w VG+/VG+ 635 gms
(Order reference 9915).
  Planer, Roger Foreword by Nigel Planer: Zen and the Magic of Roundabout Maintenance - a brief history of time (for bed)
Fantail Books 1st 1992
4to pb unpaginated, neat name to contents page F 170 gms
(Order reference 13541).
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  Reid, Beryl: So Much Love - an autobiography
Hutchinson 1st 1984
8vo, sl wr to d/w edges o/w F/VG++ 530 gms
(Order reference 8057).
Monty Python Encyclopedia - everything you wanted to know about TV's greatest comedy team Ross, Robert: Monty Python Encyclopedia - everything you wanted to know about TV's greatest comedy team
B T Batsford 1st 1997
4to pb 272pp F 765 gms
Order reference 9630).

Everything you ever wanted to know about the history and stars of the Python comedy team from And Now For Something Completely Different to
The Wind in the Willows via dead parrots, twelve monkeys and Basil the Rat.

•.. Major biographies of Chapman, Cleese, Gilliam, Idle, Jones and Palin.
•.. In-depth coverage of all television, stage, publishing, radio and filmic ventures - as a team and apart.
•.. In-depth study of the Python comic magic, including key Python sketches.
•.. Full entries for other key figures in the Python story, such as Spike Milligan, Neil Innes and George Harrison.
•.. Full listings of Python books, recordings, videos and societies, plus a whole lot more.

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  Secombe, Harry: Strawberries and Cheam
Robson Books 1st 1996
M/M 570 gms
(Order reference 3425).
  Smith, John: The Benny Hill Story
W H Allen 1st 1988
8vo, inscr to fep o/w M/F 445 gms
(Order reference 4121).
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  Ustinov, Peter: Dear Me
Heinemann rep 1979
v min bmp to btm cnr of fr bd, v min crsing to top of d/w o/w F/F 688 gms
(Order reference 2022).
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  Wear, Alison: The Radio Times 1993 Yearbook
Ravette Books 1993
min crses to d/w o/w F/VG+ 1020 gms
(Order reference 1254).
 Porridge - the inside story Webber, Richard; Clement, Dick & La Frenais, Ian F'word by Ronnie Barker: Porridge - the inside story
Headline 1st 2001
4to M/F 780 gms
(Order reference 12183).

Porridge is regarded by many critics as Britain's best sitcom and was an instant hit when the pilot appeared on Britain's screens in 1973. Ronnie Barker and Richard Beckinsale were perfectly cast as the experienced lag and the naive first-time offender and their developing relationship had viewers gripped until Slade Prison closed its doors for the final time in 1977.

This is the first time the real story behind the muchloved series has been told. Written with the full backing of the show's writers, Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, this ultimate, fully illustrated companion reveals how they devised the idea and the inspiration behind the characters. It includes full actor profiles as well as interviews with the directors, other members of the production team and the actors, including Ronnie Barker. All 21 episodes are detailed in full, including cast lists, transmission dates, audience figures and plot summaries. Going Straight, the sequel to Porridge, is also extensively covered.

A must for all the millions of Porridge fans who want the inside story of this classic comedy.

  Wogan, Terry: Is It Me? - an autobiography
BBC 4th rep 2000
M/F 634 gms
(Order reference 2412).
  Wogan, Terry: Wogan on Wogan
Robson Books 1st 1987
min crsing to d/w o/w F/VG++ 428 gms
(Order reference 2415).
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  Young, Jimmy: Jimmy Young
Michael Joseph/Rainbird 1st 1982
min bmps to bds o/w VG++/VG+ 480 gms
(Order reference 2528).