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Politics offers yesterday's answers to today's problems. Marshall McLuhan


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The History of the TUC 1868-1968 - a pictorial survey of a social revolution - illustrated with contemporary prints, documents and photographs
General Council of the Trade Union Council 1st 1968
large 4to pb 159pp, v min wr to edges of cvrs, signed dedication by Vic Feather to title page VG++ 775 gms
(Order reference 9669).


Karl Marx - Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
Progress Publishers - Moscow 3rd prtg 1967
8vo, gold titling to fr bd + spine, min wr to d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 285 gms
(Order reference 12535).


Constitution (fundamental law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Novosti Press Agency 1977
16mo pb 127pp, cvrs sl dulled, v v sl wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG+ 100 gms
(Order reference 13990).


Azadi, Sousan with Angela Ferrante: Out of Iran
Macdonald 1st 1987
VG/VG- 492 gms
(Order reference 613).

  Bartlett, Vernon: The Colour of Their Skin
Chatto & Windus 1st 1969
v min crsing to top of d/w, back sl grubby o/w F/VG+ 356 gms
(Order reference 1411).

  Burke, Richard E: The Senator - my ten years with Ted Kennedy
St Martin's Press/Sidgwick & Jackson 1st UK 1992
VG++/VG+ 664 gms
(Order reference 1614).
 State of Siege - Miners' Strike 1984 Coulter, Jim; Miller, Susan & Walker, Martin: State of Siege - Miners' Strike 1984 - Politics and Policing in the Coal Fields
Canary Press 1st thus 1984
8vo pb 241pp, crsing + wr to cvrs o/w VG+ 325 gms
(Order reference 10068).

STATE OF SIEGE contains three chronological reports about the role of the police in the 1984 miners' strike. It covers a period from the beginning of the strike until the end of September. The book is based on first hand interviews and research in the mining communities, and it represents the first serious look at what are dangerous political' developments. It is a powerful intervention against the orchestrated barrage of force and propaganda directed by the state against the miners.

"This report ensures that the strikers' view of policing in the coal fields is placed on permanent record." Tribune

"This document should form the basis of a full labour movement inquiry into the policing of the strike." London Labour Briefing

"Another instalment of left-wing bile against the police." Yorkshire Post

"Thank you very much for your report 'State of Siege'. Could I say that I think both parts are excellent and provide a major contribution in countering the invidious way in which the state and its instrument, the police, are becoming more and more involved in what we have come to regard as the democratic processes in our society.

To that extent your report will help people to think about what is happening and hopefully join us in the fight back." Arthur Scargill President, NUM

  Froude, J A: The Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria - The Earl of Beaconsfield
Sampson, Low, Marston & Co. 1900
8vo, maroon cloth cvred bds with gold titling + decoration to fr bd + spine, slight dulling to bds + small mark to fr bd, bible class prize plate to fr pastedown o/w VG+ 395 gms
(Order reference 13352).
  Garrison, Jim & Shivpuri, Pyare: The Russian Threat - Its Myths and Realities
Gateway Books 1st 1983
8vo pb 344pp, wr + crsing to cvrs o/w VG 400 gms
(Order reference 5364).
  Hamilton, Willie: Blood on the Walls
Bloomsbury 1st 1992
F/VG++ 529 gms
(Order reference 1491).
  Hattersley, Roy: A Yorkshire Boyhood
OUP 1st in pb 1984
v min bmps, v sl brning to p edges o/w VG+ 184 gms
(Order reference 1739).
  Healey, Denis: The Time of My Life
Michael Joseph 1st 1989
VG++/VG++ 1120 gms
(Order reference 2363).
Mein Kampf

Hitler, Adolf: Mein Kampf
Franz Eher Nachfolger 1941
8vo, 1/4 bound with leather sp with gold titling + acorn/oakleaf image. Gold stamped device to fr bd. Rubbing to raised bands, v v min indent to base of fr bd o/w VG++. Presentation copy to newlyweds signed by the mayor of Dusseldorf.
Personally, I'd rather have the toaster.
16/6/1941. Nice clean copy. 685 gms
(Order reference 7913).

  Hughes, John & Pollins, Harold (compiled and edited by): Trade Unions in Great Britain
David & Charles 1st 1973
8vo VG++/VG++ 505 gms
(Order reference 9799).
The State Wer'e In Hutton, Will: The State Wer'e In
Jonathan Cape 1st 1995
F/VG++ 734 gms
(Order reference 1319).

One of the world's great success stories - the British state and the British economy which it supported - is in serious trouble as it nears the twenty-first century. The State We're In is a passionate denunciation of the institutions that have brought us down, and a demonstration of the underlying systematic nature of our problems.
Hutton argues that the conditions of British success contained the seeds of decline. We were saddled with a financial system that valued immediate profit over long-term commitment, and a cult of the 'gentlemanly capital ist' - the archetypal City gent - that permeated boardrooms, parliament and schools. Thatcher's revolution failed to dislodge him.

This book explores every aspect of the British malaise: the rise of the financial system and its contempt for industrial innovation; the transfer of the king's sovereignty to a sovereign parliament, so that Britain was denied the protection of modern forms of rights and a written constitution; and the social roots of the Conservative Party's domination of national life. The author goes on to show how the imposition of market values in every area of society after 1979 simply exacerbated the worst features of the system.

British companies' cult of the shareholder's shortterm interests is shown to be a disastrous mistake. Hutton demonstrates the fallacies of the economic thinking that guides government policy, and in a forceful international survey of successful capital isms shows that the market works best when competition is allowed to flourish alongside co-operation.

Nothing less than a reform programme that links economic, social and political renewal has any chance of lifting Britain once again into the big league. New values of commitment and solidarity can be supported by democratically reformed institutions, which in turn will foster economic success.

  Leapman, Michael: Treacherous Estate - The Press After Fleet Street
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 1992 F/VG+ 596 gms
(Order reference 1077).
  Lloyd, Selwyn: Mr Speaker, Sir
Jonathan Cape 1st 1976
min bmps to bds, rbs & wr to d/w o/w VG++/VG 416 gms
(Order reference 1267).
Access to Politics: The Government and the Economy Lyons, Adrian: Access to Politics: The Government and the Economy
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 1999
8vo pb 120pp F 190 gms
(Order reference 10127).
  Marx, Karl: Value, Price and Profit - addressed to working men
George Allen & Unwin 6th imp 1938
8vo, thick card paper cvred bds, slightly dulled with sl damage to head of spine, (useful) underlining to many pages o/w VG+ 145 gms
(Order reference 13199).
The Great Dock Strike 1889 McCarthy, Terry: The Great Dock Strike 1889 - the story of the Labour movement's first great victory
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st 1988
4to, black bds with gold titling to spine, 1 short tr to btm rear of d/w. D/w in protective sleeve F/VG++ 1065 gms
(Order reference 13172).

The Great Dock Strike of 1889 is one of the labour movement's most famous victories. Inspired by the success of the match-girls' strike, the dockers of London's East End, in an unprecedented display of solidarity for a group of workers thought to be unorganizable, walked out en masse and paralysed the docks.

The conditions in which the dockers lived and worked were pitiable and their demands modest. The Strike was led with great skill by Ben Tillett, John Burns, Will Thorne and Tom Mann. Relief funds were distributed to the strikers and their families with impressive efficiency, and the peaceful protest marches to the Oty generated a great deal of public sympathy for the dockers.

The dock owners, however, would not compromise and the dispute became bitter and protracted. On the point of defeat by starvation, the strikers were saved by a spontaneous outpouring of generosity from their fellow workers in Australia.
In London, Cardinal Manning, speaking for the strikers, many of them Irish and Catholic, touched the middle-class conscience and assisted the Strike leaders in negotiating the terms of the settlement. The victory the dock workers secured helped many other groups of workers and sowed the seeds of the modem trade union movement.

Terry McCarthy’s vivid portrait of this momentous episode in labour history draws on newspaper reports of the time and the memoirs of many of the Strike leaders, and is accompanied by contemporary photographs and illustrations from the archives of The National Museum of Labour History.

The book is published to coincide with the centenary celebrations of the Transport and General Workers' Union, which traces its origins to the foundation of the Dockers' Union during the 1889 Strike. It will be of great interest to all trade unionists and will make absorbing reading for those interested in social and labour history.
With 100 black-and-white, and 8 pages of colour illustrations .

  McNaughton, Neil: Access to Politics: The Prime Minister and Cabinet Government
Hodder & Stoughton 3rd imp 1999
8vo pb 120pp, sl cockling to top of first 50pp o/w VG++ 190 gms
(Order reference 10126).
  McNaughton, Neil: Access to Politics - The Civil Service
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 2000
8vo pb 108pp, indented line to fr cvr o/w F 165 gms
(Order reference 10128).
  Rees-Mogg, William: Picnics on Vesuvius
Sidgwick & Jackson 1st 1992
crsing + 1 sm tr to d/w o/w F/VG+ 776gms
(Order reference 1657).
  Reeves, Thomas C: A Question of Character - A Life of John F Kennedy
Bloomsbury 1st 1991
sm stn to d/w sp inner o/w F/VG+ 912 gms
(Order reference 1045).
  Richardson, Sir William: A Union of Many Trades - The History of USDAW
USDAW no date
8vo, cloth covered bds with gold titling to sp, min wr + crsing to d/w + min sunning to d/w sp o/w VG++/VG+ 695 gms
(Order reference 7912).
  Robinson, Chris: Access to Politics: Voting Behaviour and Electoral Systems
Hodder & Stoughton 4th imp 2001
8vo pb 124pp F 190 gms
(Order reference 10131).
  Sands, Bobby: Skylark Sing Your Lonely Song
Mercier Press 1982
8vo pb 173pp, min bmps + wear to cvrs, sl yellowing to previously white areas of cvrs o/w VG+
(Order reference 14521).
  Shaw, Bernard: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism
Constable & Co. 1st 1928
large 8vo, no d/w, gilt and printed decoration to bds + sp, gold titling to spine, pastedowns sl bleached o/w VG+ 910 gms
(Order reference 8933).
  Simpson, David: Access to Politics: Political Parties
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 2000
8vo pb 139pp F 215 gms
(Order reference 10130).
  Spooner, F P: South African Predicament
Cape 1st 1960
crsing + wr to d/w o/w VG++/G++ 450 gms
(Order reference 1843).
  Terrins, Deirdre & Whitehead, Philip: 100 Years of Fabian Socialism 1884-1984
Fabian Society 1st 1984
square format 4to pb 34pp, v min wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 140 gms
(Order reference 11387).