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The crown of literature is poetry. William Somerset Maugham


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John Betjeman's Collected Poems - enlarged edition
John Murray 1987 pb 432pp
F 350 gms
(Order reference 5403).


Chester Poets 10 - an anthology of work by the Chester Poets
Cestrian Press 1st 1983
8vo pb 140pp, v min wr to cvrs o/w VG+ 175 gms
(Order reference 8608).


Anonymous: You and I True Friends
Privately Published no date
4to, red bds with gold titling to spine + fr bd, bfds sl dulled o/w VG+ 770 gms
(Order reference 12920).


Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox with pencil drawings by Alice Ross
W P Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell no date (inscription dated 1918)
8vo, green clth cvred bds with gold titling to spine and black titling to fr bd, gift inscr to fep dated 1918, sl spotting to prelims + foredge o/w VG+ 670 gms
(Order reference 9861).

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Abraham, Mrs Ashley P F'word by Hugh Walpole: Poems of Lakeland - an anthology
Frederick Warne & Co. no date
8vo, clth cvred bds, v v min wr o/w VG+ 345 gms
(Order reference 7612).

The Coloured Counties - poems of place in England and Wales

Arlott, John (selected and introduced by): The Coloured Counties - poems of place in England and Wales
J M Dent 1st 1988
v v min crsing to d/w o/w F/VG++ 1090 gms
(Order reference 2273).

The aim of The Coloured Counties is to present a picture of England and Wales in the particular town, village, landscape - seen through the eyes of over 200 writers of English verse. John Arlott was co-editor of Landmarks in 1943, one of the very first popular collections of English topographical verse, and it is that book which reappears in this new guise, but with many revisions and additions. Today's audience therefore has another delightful chance to travel all over England and Wales in splendid poetic company.

From odd out-of-the-way spots to grimy, beloved towns, the reader can visit landmarks throughout the length and breadth of the country - encompassing the rich and varied, urban and rural, rustic and sophisticated places which make up our many 'coloured counties'. Some of the poets represented here are famous, some less well known, some are dead and now themselves part of the landscape, and others are very much alive. Some are cultured, some simple, some rhapsodizing and some humorous - but all are inspired by the places, names, legends and landscapes which they have loved so well.

Chaucer, Byron, Clare, Hardy, Wordsworth, Housman, Hopkins, Thomas, Betjeman, Abse, Stevie Smith and many others are to be found within these pages, reflecting the changes in, and the changing attitudes to, our landscape. Everyone will find something here which will strike a special personal note. Above all, John Arlott's collection is a fmely balanced and highly entertaining voyage into our land and heritage.


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  Barker, Cicely Mary: Flower Fairies of the Summer
Blackie no date
small 8vo pb 51pp, v v min wr to edges of cvrs, prev owner's name to inside fr cvr o/w VG+ 70 gms
(Order reference 14072).
The Rhyming Rainbow Barker, Cicely Mary: The Rhyming Rainbow
Blackie and Son 1977
small 8vo, no d/w, glazed pictorial boards, rbs + sl wr to bds o/w VG+ 90 gms
(Order reference 14071).
  Benson, Gerard; Chernaik, Judith & Herbert, Cicely (eds): Poems on the Underground - illustrated edition
Cassell 1st in this edition
8vo F/F. D/w in library-type protective cvr, prev owner's name + address sticker to fep 510 gms
(Order reference 9484).
  Bridges, Robert: The Testament of Beauty
OUP rep 1945
ex school lib, some lib stmps, marbled bds, top of sp grubby, Dewey No. to btm of sp, chps, trs + other dmge to d/w, grubby VG-/G 392 gms
(Order reference 828).
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  Cannon, Hal (ed + intro by): Cowboy Poetry - a gathering
Gibbs M Smith 1985
small 8vo pb 201pp VG++ 165 gms
(Order reference 13975).
  Carleton, Will: City Legends
Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington 1889
fr hnge str, wr to btm of bds, cnrs + Head + tail of sp, stmped + printed dec cvr, gold titling, rems of plate to fr pastedown 734 gms
(Order reference 854).
 Country Verse Carr, Samuel (ed): Country Verse
Chancellor Press 1st 1979
8vo, v min bmps to bds o/w VG++/VG++ 510 gms
(Order reference 7899).

The verse which more than any other is characteristic of English poetry is country verse. The painting which is the most representative of the English pictorial genius is landscape painting. In this collection the poetry and the painting of the countryside are combined in such a way that each illuminates the other. ThusJohn Clare's 'Summer Evening' is complemented by the Lucas/Constable mezzotint of the same theme; Wordsworth's 'To the Skylark' is juxtaposed with a Samuel Palmer print; Philip Larkin's and John Crorne's Trees appear alongside one another; the Woodland poems of Bloomfield, Meredith and Yeats have their echo in the pictures ofCrome, Gainsborough and Middleton.

The span covered by the book is from the sixteenth century to the present day. At one end are Milton, Shakespeare, Herrick and Henry King, at the other Ted Hughes, Norman Nicholson,John Betjeman and George Barker. Similarly with the artists, the range is from Richard Wilson,]. M. W. Turner, Francis Towne and]. S. Cotman to Spencer Gore, Stanley Spencer, Robert Bevan and Graham Sutherland. In between these limits the familiar and the little known alternate in the shape, for example, of Cowper and Dyer, Coleridge and Bernard Barton, George Crabbe and Henry Ellison; and, pictorially, in terms of De Wint, Birket Foster and Ford Maddox Brown on the one hand, and John William Inchbold, Alfred Priest and George William Mote on the other.

An anthology which is delightful for its own sake has also a certain importance for the way in which it emphasises an affinity for the countryside shared by English poets and English painters.

  Carr, Samuel (ed) Preface by John Betjeman: Hymns as Poetry
B T Batsford 1st 1980
8vo, dulling to edges of bds, min spotting to btm edges of pp, short tr to d/w o/w VG+/VG+ 355 gms
Order reference 8984).
  Coleridge, S T: The Poetical Works of S T Coleridge
Frederick Warne no date (c 1890)
small 4to, all edges gilt, marbled eps + pastedowns, v min wr + v sl abrasion to bds o/w VG+ 1010 gms
(Order reference 12848).
  Coles, Gladys Mary: The Glass Island
Duckworth 1st 1992
8vo pb 60pp, v min wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG+ 155 gms
(Order reference 5345).
  Crosswait, Helen G Moorhouse: Reflections of a Paleface from the Rosebud
Paleface Press 1992
8vo pb 66pp, gift inscr by author to fr cvr verso VG++ 115 gms
(Order reference 10276).
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  Dobson, Bob: Lancashire Lingo Lines
Landy Publishing 1999
square format 4to pb 60pp, foredge sl grubby o/w VG++ 175 gms
(Order reference 11388).
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  Eliot, T S: East Coker
Faber & Faber 2nd imp 1940
8vo, card wraps, wr to edges of wraps + sl grubby o/w VG+ 55 gms
(Order reference 6405).
  Ellis, Ron: Diary of a Discotheque - a selection of poems 1970 -78
Nirvana Books 1st 1978
8vo pb 48pp VG++. Dedicatory author's signature on title p. 90 gms
(Order reference 6456).
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  Fitzgerald, Edward: The Illustrated Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Caxton Editions 1st 2001
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w, v slight wr + 1 short tr to d/w o/w F/VG++ 730 gms
(Order reference 14051).
  Fitzgerald, Edward Illustrated by Willy Pogany: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Harrap rep 1985
4to pb, v min wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 310 gms
(Order reference 13407).
  Fitzgerald, Edward Illustrations by Rene Bull: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Rendered into English Verse by Edward Fitzgerald Illustrated in colour and line by Rene Bull
Hodder & Stoughton No. 43 of a limited edition of 250.
This copy is signed by Rene Bull. Vellum bound boards with blue and gold blocked decoration. Each page is decorated with elaborate border designs and there are 10 tipped-in colour plates and numerous other small colour plates pasted into frames. The book is missing its clasp and the rear cover is loose from the spine but still attached and can be easily repaired. Pages are all secured. There are some minor stains to the spine but the gilt and blue decoration to the front cover is unstained. Inside, the book is in excellent condition; all the vivid prints are intact and have their original tissue guards. The signature of the artist and the edition number are clear and intact. Precedes first 1913 trade edition. Extremely scarce.
(Order reference 14400).

  Fitzgerald, Edward Paintings and designs by Otway McCannell: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Ward Lock 6th Imp 1965
8vo, red faux leather cvrs with gold titling + device to fr bd + gold titling to spine VG++ 115 gms
(Order reference 14668).
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  Gibbs, C Armstrong Illustrated by Wm H Waddington: Lakeland Limericks
Titus Wilson 2nd edn April 1942
8vo, thick card cvrs with cloth spine inpaper d/w. Sl wr + sl crsing to slightly grubby d/w o/w VG++/VG+ 120 gms
(Order reference 11231).
  Goldsmith, Oliver: Cusack's Edition of 'The Traveller'
City of London Book Depot 1899
8vo, paper-cvred bds with cloth spine, rubs, wr + sl staining to cvrs, some underlining + marginalia, name to fep o/w VG+ 165 gms
(Order reference 14681).
Graf, Susan Johnston: W B Yeats - Twentieth Century Magus - an in-depth study of Yeats' esoteric practices & beliefs, including excerpts from his magical diaries
Samuel Weiser 1st 2000
8vo paperback 224pp, gift inscription to inside fr cvr, slight sunning to spine o/w VG++ 330 gms
(Order reference 14836).

Just as Yeats the poet gives the clearest expression of his magical ideas, so it is the literary scholar who best introduces us to Yeats's texts—and Susan Johnston Graf is a model literary scholar: deeply versed in Yeats's work, she also possesses both a clear insight into his esoteric ideas and a rare sympathy with them. Concentrating on A Vision, Yeats's most baffling work, and on its unjustly neglected and equally enigmatic precursor, Per Amica Silentia Lunae, Graf traces the development of Yeats's magical world-view and analyzes its essential concepts.
She introduces us to the key symbols of the Rose, the Mask, and the Tower; to the idea of the creative tension between self and anti-self, to the empowering daimon and to the crucial role of sexuality in both the theory and practice of Yeats's magic. Exploring Yeats's mind in a fascinating and original way, Graf presents us with the real Demon est Deus Inversus: Yeats as a fusion of magician and poet, a true genius and a true Twentieth-Century Magus.
—R. A. Gilbert, antiquarian bookseller and esoteric scholar

W. B. Yeats—Twentieth-Century Magus is a comprehensive study of his magical practices and beliefs. Yeats moved through many different phases of spiritual development, believing that his life was an intellectual, spiritual, and artistic quest—a quest greatly influenced by Celtic lore, Theosophy, Golden Dawn ceremonial magic, Swedenborg's metaphysics, the works of Jacob Boehme and Neo-Platonism. For Yeats, writing poetry was an act of divine possession, and he believed that a perfected soul was the source of his inspiration, visiting him during times of superconscious awareness. Susan Johnston Graf meticulously documents and provides evidence that Yeats's poetry is a brilliant, lyric narrative of reality captured through the mind of a practicing magician working in the Western Tradition.
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  Herbert, A P Illustrated by Anna K Zinkeisen: Witty Ditties of the Twenties and the story of Plane Jane
Past Times 1997
8vo, glazed pictorial boards F+ 205 gms
(Order reference 12374).
  Hughes, Ted Paintings by R J Lloyd: The Cat and the Cuckoo
Sunstone Press 1st 1987
16mo, glazed pictorial boards M 130 gms
(Order reference 10676).
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  Kiely, Benedict: Yeat's Ireland
Tiger Books nd
sm crse to top fr edge of d/w, pp cockled VG+/VG
(Order reference 267).
  Kipling, Rudyard: The Seven Seas Vol I
Methuen & Co. 26th edn 1914
8vo, blue bds with gold titling to spine, v v min dulling to bds o/w VG+ 280 gms
(Order reference 12967).
  Kipling, Rudyard: The Seven Seas Vol II
Methuen & Co. 26th edn 1914
8vo, blue bds, gold titling to spine, v v min dulling to bds, pencil signature + date to fep o/w VG+ 280 gms
(Order reference 12966).
  Kipling, Rudyard: The Five Nations
Methuen & Co. 12th edn 1913
8vo, red calf bds with gold titling to spine and gold elephants head + swastika in roundel to front bd, v min wr + sl dulling to bds o/w VG+ 200 gms
(Order reference 12952).
  Kipling, Rudyard: Songs from Books
Macmillan & Co. 1925
8vo, red calf cvred bds with black + gold stamped decoration to spine + fr bd, gold titling to spine, wr to bd edges + spine o/w VG 190 gms
(Order reference 12961).
  Kipling, Rudyard: The Five Nations
Methuen & Co. 25th edn 1920
8vo, blue bds with gold titling to spine and gold elephants head + swastika in roundel to front bd, sl wr to bds o/w VG+ 200 gms
(Order reference 12953).
  Kipling, Rudyard: Departmental Ditties and Other Verses
Methuen & Co. 34th edn 1918
8vo, red calf bds with gold titling to spine and gold elephants head + swastika in roundel to front bd, v min wr to bd edges + small pce mssg from hd of spine o/w VG+ 165 gms
(Order reference 12956).
  Kipling, Rudyard: The Seven Seas
Methuen & Co. 36th edn 1922
8vo, red calf bds with gold titling to spine and gold elephants head + swastika in roundel to front bd, v min wr to bd edges, tiny pce mssg at hd of spine o/w VG+ 210 gms
(Order reference 12954).
  Kipling, Rudyard: Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses
Methuen & Co. 57th edn 1922
8vo, red calf bds with gold titling to spine and gold elephants head + swastika in roundel to front bd, v min wr to bds, tiny pce mssg from hd of spine o/w VG+ 200 gms
(Order reference 12955).
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  Lawrence, Louis F'word by Roy Strong: The Seasons
Select Editions rep 1993
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w M/VG++ 550 gms
(Order reference 10139).
Passionate Renewal - Jewish Poetry in Britain since 1945 Lawson, Peter (ed): Passionate Renewal - Jewish Poetry in Britain since 1945
Five Leaves/European Jewish Publication Society 1st 2001
8vo pb 354pp VG++ 455 gms
(Order reference 9678).

Passionate Renewal celebrates poetry written by British Jews since 1945. Twenty poets have been selected from among the most significant voices. Many of the writers are key figures in British poetry. The subjects covered include family and home, love and friendship, Judaism and secularism, the Holocaust and resistance to oppression...but each poet considers these themes in widely divergent ways. This is the first anthology of Jewish poetry in Britain.
  Lefebure, Molly: The Illustrated Lake Poets - their lives, their poetry and the landscape that inspired them
Tiger Books 1992
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w F+/F 910 gms
(Order reference 9085).
  Logue, Christopher: Prince Charming - a memoir
Faber & Faber 1st 1999
8vo, v v min crsing to d/w edges o/w M/F 540 gms
(Order reference 8090).
  Longfellow, H W: The Complete Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Gall & Inglis no date c1865
8vo, bevel edged boards with black, gold + green deeply stamped decoration + titling to font bd, gold stamped decoration + titling to spine + v sl wr + mrking to bds. Handwritten prize dedication to flyleaf dated 1876. VG++ 580 gms
(Order reference 11764).
M gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gTOP
  Main, David M (chosen + edited by): Three Hundred English Sonnets
Alexander Gardner new edn 1887
small 8vo, green bds with bevelled edges, gold titling to spine + fr bd, pages untrimmed, v v sl wr to bds o/w VG+ 395 gms
(Order reference 12992).
  McGough, Roger: Gig
Jonathan Cape rep 1981
8vo pb 59pp VG++ 100 gms
(Order reference 7354).
Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows McKuen, Rod: Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows
Michael Joseph 5th imp 1972
8vo, sl dulling to bd edges, sl wr to d/w edges, sl spotting/staining to d/w foldovers + prelims o/w VG+/VG 245 gms
(Order reference 12859).

These poems were all written by Rod McKuen, one of the finest chansonniers and song writers in America today. Or, to quote Gene Lees of HI FI Stereo Review, 'the best contemporary song writer around" An opinion shared by The Times, The New Tork Times and Paris Match. In addition, this book previously published privately by Rod McKuen, has helped to make him one of the best-selling authors of poetry in the world today.
The words within these pages are for music. They sing of love lost and found and lost again. They are hymns to the dying, sonnets to the summer and verses of the joy of being wanted - even for a night. Love words gentle, direct, beautifully lasting.

  Milligan, Spike: Startling Verse for all the Family
Michael Joseph 1st 1987
4to, small inscr to fep o/w F/F 265 gms
(Order reference 7110).
  Moorhouse, Reed: The Ring of Words - book one with biographical notes
J M Dent & Sons rep 1928
8vo, no d/w, green bds with black titling + decoration to front bd, black titling to spine. V min bmps to bds + v v min wr o/w VG+ 265 gms
(Order reference 13499).
  Murray, Amelia Jane: A Regency Lady's Faery Bower
Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1st American edn 1985
4to, gold titling to sp + fr bd, min crsing to edges of d/w o/w F/VG++ 495 gms
(Order reference 10148).
  Murray, Amelia Jane: A Regency Lady's Faery Bower - a private view of fairyland
Collins 1st 1985
4to, gold titling to spine + fr bd F/VG++ 495 gms
(Order reference 10176).
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  Palin, Michael Ills by Tony Ross: Limericks
Hutchinson 1985
8vo, glazed pict bds F 210 gms
(Order reference 882).
  Patten, Brian: Notes to the Hurrying Man
Unwin 1st in pb 1980
8vo pb 66pp, min wr to cvrs o/w VG+ 75 gms
(Order reference 7340).
  Philip, Neil (selected by) Ills by John Lawrence: Poems for the Young
Stewart Tabori & Chang 1st 1992
1/2 bound, cloth sp, sl crsing to d/w o/w VG++/VG+ 502 gms
(Order reference 1768).
  Plath, Sylvia: Crossing the Water
Faber & Faber rep 1979
4to pb 64pp, name and date to fep o/w VG++ 85 gms
(Order reference 6397).
Newfoundland Verse Pratt, E J decorations by Frederick H Varley: Newfoundland Verse
Ryerson Press 1st 1923
8vo, extremely minor wr to hd + tail of spine, v v minor bmps/chps at cnrs of bds o/w a very solid and clean copy 335 gms
(Order reference 9000).
  Purcell, Sally (ed) Intro by C V Wedgwood Illustrated by Priscilla Eckhard: Monarchs and the Muse - poems by the Kings and Queens of England
Fyfield Books 1st 1972
8vo, sl tanning to d/w edges o/w F/VG++ 430 gms
(Order reference 10039).
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Memories of a Galloway Childhood - an illustrated anthology of new Scottish verse   Russell, Christopher: Memories of a Galloway Childhood - an illustrated anthology of new Scottish verse
G C Book Publishers 1st 1989
8vo F/VG++ 200 gms
(Order reference 13631).
S gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggiggggggggg gTOP
  Salter, Elizabeth & Harper, Allanah F'word by Sacheverell Sitwell: Edith Sitwell - Fire of the Mind - an anthology
Michael Joseph 1st 1976
8vo, v min spotting to top edge of pp, v v sl wr + v v sl dulling to the d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 625 gms
(Order reference 13107).
  Serrailler, Ian Ills by Victor Ambrus: Marko's Wedding
Andre Deutsch 1st 1972
VG/VG 284 gms
(Order reference 369).
  Stevenson, Robert Louis Ills by Hilda Austin and Leonard Cotterill: A Child's Garden of Verse
George Harrap rep 1963
inscr to fep, gold titling + dec to fr bd + sp, wr + chps + sm pcs mssg from d/w o/w VG++/G+ 218 gms
(Order reference 1774).
A Book of Town Verse Sussams, T W (chosen by) Illustrations by M W Hawes: A Book of Town Verse
Oxford University Press 1st 1947
small 8vo, decorative bds in a similar d/w, small hole to rear of d/w + v v sl wear + dulling o/w VG++/VG+ 130 gms
(Order reference 9414).
T gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggiggggggggg gTOP
Six Tennyson Essays Tennyson, Charles: Six Tennyson Essays
S R Publishers 1st thus 1972
name to fep o/w F/F
(Order reference 3619).
  Thompson, Francis: Poems
Burns & Oates 13th edn 1912
4to, gold titling to spine + fr bd, prev owner's name + date (1936) to fep, bds worn + dulled o/w VG 380 gms
(Order reference 12970).
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  Willcox, Carmen: Luminarium - in search of the dreamchild
Paradise Press 1992
8vo pb, unpaginated, v min wr to sl grubby cvrs. Illustrated throughout with woodcuts and Pre-Raphaelite line drawings. 210 gms
(Order reference 9306).
X Y Z gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggiggggggggg gTOP
  Yeats, William Butler: Early Poems (unabridged)
Dover 1993
8vo pb 111pp F 100 gms
(Order reference 8241).