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Creative work is play. It is free speculation using materials of one's chosen form. Stephen Nachmanovitch

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The Japanese Craft Tradition: Kokten Korgei
Lakeland Arts Trust 2001
4to pb 71pp, v v min bmps to cvrs o/w VG++ 445 gms
(Order reference 13708).


Love Spoons from Wales
Emeralda rep 1979
8vo stapled sftback 24pp VG++ 40 gms
(Order reference 13868).


The Book of Soft Furnishing - a handbook for salesmen
Thomas French & Sons 1st 1937
8vo, bmps + sm indents to cloth covered bds, crsing + wr to d/w, some sm pces mssg, grubby o/w VG+/VG 470 gms
(Order reference 5985).

  Making Stylish Soft Furnishings - choosing and making designer-style soft furnishings for your home
Ward Lock 1997
4to pb 96pp F+ 370 gms
(Order reference 7499).

  Radio Control Manual 3
Model and Allied Publications no date c 1970
8vo, glazed pictorial boards, wr + small repair to bds, taped repair to fr hnge, other tape repairs o/w VG 255 gms
(Order reference 13987).
  A Book of Ciro Pearls & Jewels
Ciro of Bond Street no date c1953
8vo, stamped gold titling + decoration to bds, no d/w F. Order form + sheet of birthstone earrings + rings laid in. 220 gms
(Order reference 14002).
Anderson, Enid: Crafts & the Disabled
Batsford 1st 1982
4to, pale blue bds wirh gold titling to spine, v v slight dulling + wr to d/w o/w VG++/VG+ 580 gms (Order reference 14870).

There are large numbers of disabled people who are already engaged in practising a variety of crafts, and it is suprising that at present there is no national training structure available for those people who are teaching crafts to the disabled. The result is that helpers are often trying to cope with the demand for instruction without accurate information on the problems likely to be faced, on the best choices of crafts to teach or the ways that crafts can be modified to suit the largest number of people.

The first part of the book is aimed essentially at instructors, be they officially employed in that capacity or just volunteers and friends. The topics dealt with are professional practice and approach, teaching methods, visual aids, craft aids, craft shows and outings. The author then describes a number of crafts in the second part of the book, selected, according to her own experience as a teacher of the disabled, for their interest and suitability.

The techniques and materials are carefully listed, and there are a number of suggestions and instructions for items that can be made with the different techniques. The crafts include patchwork, puppetry, soft toy making, stool seating, paper sculpture, macrame, copper and pewter repousse modelling and collage.

The strength of this book is that it is intended specifically for the disabled; it gives much-needed advice for the benefit of those who help the disabled, and sets out the crafts in a manner to match the requirements of the disabled themselves.

112 black and white photographs 53 line drawings

  Andress, Michael: PSL Model Railway Guides 7 & 8 Combined - Modern Railways & Narrow Gauge Railways
Patrick Stephens 1st thus (combined) 1983
tall 8vo, glazed pictorial boards F 330 gms
(Order reference 5608).

  Andress, Michael: PSL Model Railway Guides 7+8 combined - Modern railways & narrow-gauge railways
Patrick Stephens 1st 1983
8vo, glazed pictorial boards VG++ 325 gms
(Order reference 7059).
  Andress, Michael: PSL Model Railway Guides 3+4 combined - Structure Modelling & Scenery
Patrick Stephens rep 1983
8vo, glazed pictorial boards VG++ 330 gms
(Order reference 7061).
  Avison, Jo: Short cuts to designer style - Soft Furnishings
Ward Lock rep 1998
4to pb 128pp VG++ 435 gms
(Order reference 6656).
  Bailey, Jocelyn: Shire Album 24 - The Village Blacksmith
Shire Publications 1st 1977
8vo stapled booklet 32pp F 80 gms
(Order reference 7798).
  Bawden, Juliet: The Art and Craft of Papier Mache
Mitchell Beazley rep 1992
landscape fmt 4to, gift inscr to fep VG++/VG++ 905 gms
(Order reference 14467).
  Bawden, Juliet: The Art and Craft of Papier Mache
Mitchell Beazley rep 1994
landscape fmt 4to, tiny hole to d/w at spine o/w M/F 895 gms
(Order reference 10456).
  Bennet, Jim: Island Camera
Creative Monochrome 1st 1992
4to pb 112pp, v v min wr to edges o/w VG++ 490 gms
(Order reference 11787).
  Berry, John: Making Mosaics
Studio Vista 1966
8vo, glazed pictorial boards, cvrs grubby o/w VG+ 195 gms
(Order reference 13383).

  Beyer, V: Stained Glass Windows
Oliver & Boyd 1st UK edn 1964
sm square format 4to, v v min bmps to bds, wr + chps to price-clipped d/w o/w VG+/VG+ 390 gms
(Order reference 6283).
  Blackburn, Ken & Lammers, Jeff: The World Record Paper Air Plane Book - 16 models 100 planes
Konemann 1998
4to pb, v v sl wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 640 gms
(Order reference 11969).
  Boddington, David: David Boddington's Radio Control Primer
Argus Books/ Model and Allied Publications 2nd imp 1974
8vo pb 128pp, wr + sl damage to edges of cvrs o/w VG 185 gms
(Order reference 13986).

  Bowden, Lt. Col C E: Model Yacht Construction and Sailing
Percival Marshall no date
8vo, thick pictorial card cvrs, tiny chip to sp o/w VG+ 130 gms
(Order reference 8730).
Bravo, Manuel Alvarez: Photopoetry
Chronicle Books 2010
oversized landscape 4to, grey bds with pictorial d/w. Still in plastic wrap F/F 2kgs+
(Order reference 14872).

A major retrospective documentation of the photoworks of Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo, a seminal practitioner of 20th century visual arts. Over 360 exquisite tritone photoraphs - including more than 20 previously unpublished images - span his vibrant 80-year career. Strikingly lyrical and richly resonant, the collection includes celebrated and iconic images as well as undiscovered masterpieces. The work encompasses landscapes, urban & rural scenes, nudes, still-lifes, and religious and vernacular subjects, as well as portraits of luminaries such as Frida Kahlo and Octavio Paz.
  Brull, Sheila (ed): Dictionary of Stitches - a complete A-Z of instructions and dersigns for all kinds of needlecraft
Cavendish House 1984
4to, glazed pictorial boards in similar d/w, v v min crsing to d/w edges o/w F/VG++ 995 gms
(Order reference 7009).
 The Coats Book of Soft Furnishings Brumstead, Elaine: The Coats Book of Soft Furnishings
Dorling Kindersley 4th imp 1989
4to pb 176pp F 630 gms
(Order reference 5836).
The Coats Book of Soft Furnishings
Brumstead, Elaine: The Coats Book of Soft Furnishings
Dorling Kindersley 3rd imp 1989
large 4to, glazed pictorial boards in similar d/w, crsing to d/w edges o/w F/VG++ 930 gms
(Order reference 7176).

  Bryan, Lynn: Country Crafts - Drying Flowers & Herbs
Bloomsbury Books 1993
8vo, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w F+/F 255 gms
(Order reference 13327).
  Cargill, Katrin: Katrin Cargill's Curtain Bible - simple and stylish designs for contemporary curtains and blinds
Quadrille 1st 2001
4to F+ 915 gms
(Order reference 8765).
  Cargill, Katrin: Katrin Cargill's Curtain Bible
Quadrille 1st 2001
4to, pictorial cloth cvred bds M 950 gms
(Order reference 5596).
  Cargill, Katrin: Katrin Cargill's Curtain Bible
Quadrille 1st 2001
4to, no d/w F 915 gms
(Order reference 4938).
  Cargill, Katrin: The Soft Furnishing Book
Mitchell Beazley rep 1995
large sq landscape format 4to, tiny tr + v sl indents to d/w o/w F/VG++ 1220 gms
(Order reference 8399).
  Carpentier, Didier & Bachelet, Joel: Clothes-Peg Modelling
E P Publishing English edn 1981
4to pb 64pp, min wr, sl creasing + marking to cvrs o/w VG+ 210 gms
(Order reference 13448).
  Carter, Jenny & Rae, Janet: Chambers Guide to Traditional Crafts of Scotland
Chambers 1st 1988
4to, min sunning to top + bottom edges of bds, sunning + sl dmge to d/w o/w VG+/VG+ 680 gms
(Order reference 5988).

  Carter, Patricia: Illuminated Calligraphy
Search Press rep 1998
4to pb 64pp VG++ Design, techniques, gilding, simple borders, borders with flowers, banners, ribbons + ropework, stylistic leaf borders. 250 gms
(Order reference 14363).

  Cheek, Martin: Mosaics-design sourcebook
New Holland 1st 1998
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w, tiny tr to head of spine of d/w o/w F+/VG++ 890 gms
(Order reference 14514).
  Christopher, F J: Basketry
Dover Publications no date
8vo pb 111pp + 15pp of publisher's ads. v v min crsing to fr cvr o/w VG++ 155 gms
(Order reference 10862).
  Clabburn, Pamela: Shire Album 57 - Beadwork
Shire Publications rep 1985
8vo stapled booklet 32pp VG++ 75 gms
(Order reference 6164).
  Clabburn, Pamela: Shire Album 57 - Beadwork
Shire Publications rep 1994
8vo stapled booklet 32pp VG++ 85 gms
(Order reference 6167).
  Clabburn, Pamela: The National Trust Book of Furnishing Textiles
Viking/National Trust 1st 1988
8vo, tiny area of wr to d/w o/w F+/F 720 gms
(Order reference 8349).
  Clarke, Brian (ed): Architectural Stained Glass
John Murray 1st 1979
large 4to, v v min spotting to inside of d/w o/w M/F 1100 gms
(Order reference 4959).

  Coker, Alec: The Craft of Straw Decoration
Dryad Press 1st 1971
4to, no d/w o/w VG++ 450 gms
(Order reference 3167).
  Coles, Janet & Budwig, Robert: The Complete Book of Beads - a practical and inspirational guide to beads and jewellery-making
Dorling Kindersley rep 1990
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w, v v sl wr to d/w edges o/w F+/VG++ 850 gms
(Order reference 13016).
  Conte, F D: Period Model Boat Making
Aeropiccola nd
4to pb 110pp, min crsing o/w VG 250 gms
(Order reference 3174).

  Cooper, Jilly & Lichfield, Patrick: Hotfoot to Zabriskie Point
Constable 1st 1985 F/F 752 gms
(Order reference 1245).

With three exquisite models and a crew of lively personalities Patrick Lichfield, supremely gifted photographer, and vivacious Jilly Cooper travelled in pursuit of twelve perfect shots for the prestigious Unipart Calendar. For this book Patrick Litchfield had selected his own favourite pictures out of the thousands that were taken, every one which raises the art of photographing both landscape and the human form to new heights. Totally involved with the team, always understanding, unfailingly funny, Jilly Cooper shows what goes on behind the final immaculate images. At the back of the book are twenty three double page colour photographs.

  Cope, Anne & Jane: Leatherwork
Pan 1st 1979
4to pb 142pp VG++ 365 gms
(Order reference 5448).

Arts and Crafts of South America  Davies, Lucy & Fini, Mo: Arts and Crafts of South America
Tumi 1st 1994
squ format 4to pb 160pp F 715 gms
(Order reference 5211).

A wooden head carved in the north of Brazil to ward off evil spirits; belts woven with symbolic designs from Lake Titicaca in Peru; the beautiful baskets of the Cholo Indians of the Pacific coast of Colombia - whether from coastal areas, forests or mountains, from Pre-Columbian or Spanish Colonial traditions,
from urban workshops or remote villages, the living arts and crafts of South America show an astonishing vitality and diversity. Lucy Davies and Mo Fini have distilled the essence of their extensive research into the creative traditions of this vast area, and also include invaluable advice and reference for collectors. With the aid of special - and often spectacular — photography, they examine all the main media: pottery, wonderfully simple and utilitarian, or formed in complex and ritualistic shapes; jewelry and metalwork in a multiplicity of forms; the arts of weaving plant fibre — sombreros and panamas, bags and baskets; the ancient textile tradition of the Wayuu, a culture in which 'Ser mujer es saber tejer' — `To be a woman is to know how to weave'; painting on clay, leather and glass; wood carving and decoration of dried gourds; and extraordinary crafts such as figuras de masapan, colourful and imaginative bread dough figures from Calderon, Ecuador. Perhaps never before has the legacy of thousands of years of inherited skill and tradition been so richly presented.

  Day, Dave: Flying Model Helicopters
Argus Books rep 1994
8vo pb 185pp, ex lib, fep stuck to inside fr cover, sl creasing to fr cover o/w VG+ 265 gms
(Order reference 13982).
  Dierks, Leslie: A Crafter's Book of Santas - more than 50 festive projects
Sterling 1st 1996
4to, v v min bmps + wr to bd edges, v v min wr + wrinkling to d/w edges o/w VG++/VG++ 765 gms
(Order reference 12441).
  Dierks, Leslie: Creative Clay Jewelry - designs to make from polymer clay
Lark Books 1st 1994
squ format 4to pb 144pp F 565 gms
(Order reference 5180).
  Dunkerley, Charlotte: Working with Soft Furnishings - a practical guide to professional techniques
Ward Lock 1st 1996
4to, gold titling to spine, two small areas of wr to d/w o/w F/F 880 gms
(Order reference 11874).
  Elskus, Albinas: The Art of Painting on Glass - techniques and designs for stained glass
Routledge and Kegan Paul 1st 1981
v v min bmps to bds, fep replaced o/w F/F 830 gms
(Order reference 2582).
 A Book of Scripts Fairbank, Alfred: A Book of Scripts
King Penguin rev edn 1952
v min wr to bd edges, wr to d/w o/w VG+/VG+ 185 gms
(Order reference 3942)
A Book of Scripts Fairbank, Alfred: A Book of Scripts
Penguin (King Penguin) revised edn 1952
small 8vo, decorative paper covered bds in similar d/w, wr to bd edges, wear to d/w edges o/w VG/VG 180 gms
(Order reference 5980).

  Fletcher, Edward: Pebble Polishing - a guide to collecting, tumble polishing and making baroque jewellery
Blandford Press 3rd imp 1974
8vo, glazed pictorial boards, name to fr pastedown o/w VG++ 295 gms
(Order reference 9794).
  Fletcher, Edward: Pebble Polishing - a guide to collecting, tumble polishing and making baroque jewellery
Blandford Press 3rd imp 1974
8vo, glazed pictorial boards, name to fr pastedown o/w VG++ 295 gms
(Order reference 9795).
  Flitman, Malcolm: Upholstering
B T Batsford rep 1974
square 8vo, v v min wr to d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 420 gms
(Order reference 3242).
  Fry, Delian: The Craft of Painting on Glass - materials, techniques and ideas
BCA 1996
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w o/w F/F 555 gms
(Order reference 9818).
  Gander, Terry & Chamberlain, Peter: Airfix Magazine 8 - German Tanks of World War 2
Patrick Stephens/Airfix rep 1978
8vo, glazed pictorial boards, sm name to fr pd VG++ 205 gms
(Order reference 7037).
  Gander, Terry & Chamberlain, Peter: Airfix Magazine 8 - German Tanks of World War 2
Patrick Stephens/Airfix 1st 1975
8vo, glazed pictorial boards, sl sunning to spine o/w VG++ 190 gms
(Order reference 7038).
  Garland, Lowri (ed): Photographic Collections in the North West
Northern Arts 1987
8vo pb 96pp, sunning to spine o/w VG++ 225 gms
(Order reference 11440).
  Gibson, Cecil: Veteran and Vintage Cars (modelmaking)
Nelson 1st 1970
8vo, gold titling to sp + gold device to fr bd VG++/VG++ 310 gms
(Order reference 3889).
  Gittings, Clare: Brasses and Brass Rubbing
Blandford Press 2nd imp 1971
8vo glazed pictorial boards VG++ 245 gms
(Order reference 9050).
  Goodchild, Graham: Radio Controlled Models - design and construction
B T Batsford 1st in pb 1989
4to pb 118pp VG++ 410 gms
(Order reference 13998).
  Grafton, Carol Belanger: Victorian Cut & Use Stencils - 55 full-size stencils printed on durable stencil paper
Dover 1976
4to pb clean, complete and unused. VG++ 435 gms
(Order reference 11352).
  Halliday, Peter (ed): Calligraphy Masterclass - practical advice from 15 international calligraphers - techniques demonstrated in full colour
Bloomsbury Books 1995
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w F+/VG++ 680 gms
(Order reference 8855).

  Halliday, Sonia & Lushington, Laura (photographs by): The Christmas Story in Stained Glass
Lion Publishing 1st 1980
8vo, min wr to bds esp at tail of sp, wr + chps to d/w o/w VG+/VG 225 gms
(Order reference 4223).

  Harrison, John: The Electronic Photographic Speedlamp - how to make it and how to use it
Bernards 2nd edn July 1950
8vo, wraps 62pp, wr and grubbiness to cvrs, dmge to hd and tail of sp of wraps o/w VG 95 gms
(Order reference 6529).
 Quick and Clever Handmade Cards Hickey, Julie: Quick and Clever Handmade Cards - over 80 projects and ideas for all occasions
David & Charles rep 2004
4to, glazed pictorial boards F+ 685 gms
(Order reference 12673).

Whatever the occasion, ensure all your handmade greetings cards are quick to make with fantastic results – every time!

Step-by-step projects show in illustrated detail how to make a variety of eye-catching cards for different occasions.

A wide range of simple techniques, such as stamping, paper weaving, embossing and punches are used in fun and innovative ways for unique effects.

Easy-to-use technical section gives all the know-how to get started, while hints and tips throughout the book offer indispensable advice for fuss-free card making

Variation cards for each project, plus lots of additional designs, provide an extensive source of inspiration and how-to information.

Julie Hickey is a talented card maker, holds workshops in the craft and runs a successful card makers’ club.

  Hodges, Peter: Airfix Magazine Guide 7 - Warship Modelling
Patrick Stephens Ltd 1st 1975
8vo, glazed pictorial boards F 190 gms
(Order reference 12439).
  Hollebone, Sarah: Screen Printing - the beginner's guide
Adam & Charles Black 1st 1980
4to, glazed pictorial boards, minor bumps + wear to bds o/w VG+ 465 gms
(Order reference 14823).
  Howes, C: Practical Upholstery
Evans Bros rep 1974
square 8vo, v v min sunning to bds, v v min mrking to fep, sm bookseller's sticker to fr pd o/w VG++/VG++ 425 gms
(Order reference 3247).
Victorian Crafts Revived   Hulbert, Anne: Victorian Crafts Revived
B T Batsford rep 1980
4to VG++/VG++ 545 gms
(Order reference 4244).

Shellwork, Silhouettes, Pressed Flowers, Beadwork, Paperwork, Featherwork, Decorating with Paint: these are some of the crafts which are particularly associated with the Victorian home. But, as Anne Hulbert shows in this book, they can be crafts of today no less than of yesterday. The raw materials cost little sometimes nothing at all. The necessary equipment is cheap, and the techniques are quickly learnt.

The products of Victorian craftwork are now often to be seen in museums and private collections. In the antique shops they can be formidably dear to buy. After studying this book the reader will find that he or she can make his or her own Victorian antiques, at the same time genuine and modern, and can derive a great deal of creative pleasure whilst doing so.

  Innes, Jocasta: The New Paint Magic
Francis Lincoln 3rd edn rep 1992
min bmps + wr to bds o/w VG++/F 1130 gms
(Order reference 2987).
  Johnson, Peter: Toy Armies
B T Batsford 1st 1981
large 4to, v min mrks to fr of d/w o/w F/VG++ 990 gms
(Order reference 3931).
  Jones, Ken & Chamberlain, Peter: Lee & Grant Classic AFVs No. 2 - Their history and how to model them
Patrick Stephens/Airfix 1st 1977
4to, glazed pict bds F 340 gms
(Order reference 4178).

  Joosten, Titia: Flower Drying with a Microwave - Techniques and Projects
Sterling/Lark 1988
8vo pb 71pp, v small area of abrasion to fr cvr o/w VG++ 160 gms
(Order reference 7244).
  Kaufman, Gerald Lynton: How's Tricks? 125 tricks and stunts to amaze your friends
W Foulsham nd but War Economy Standard
8vo, wr + bmps to bds o/w VG 180 gms
(Order reference 7671).

  Klein, Dan & Lloyd, Ward: The History of Glass
Black Cat rep 1991
large 4to, glazed pictorial boards in similar d/w, sl crsing to top edge of d/w o/w F/VG++ 1500 gms
(Order reference 6766).
 Glass - a contemporary art Klein, Dan: Glass - a contemporary art
Collins 1st 1989
4to, ex lib, blue cloth-covered bds with silver titling to spine, slight staining to endpapers + pastedowns, slight wrinkling + wear to d/w edges o/w VG+/VG+ 1150 gms
(Order reference 14822).
  Lambeth, M: A Golden Dolly - The Art, Mystery and History of Corn Dollies
John Baker rep 1971
4to, bmp to fr bd, d/w price clipped o/w VG+/VG+ 575 gms
(Order reference 3166).
Stencilling on Fabric  Loasby, Wren: Stencilling on Fabric
Broadcast Books 1st 1991
4to, small name to fep o/w VG++/VG++ 450 gms
(Order reference 9971).

For those who prefer not to buy original Wren Loasby stencilled items from Harrods, here is the ideal do-it-yourself book!

Wren Loasby demonstrates how anyone can stencil on a variety of fabrics from calico to tapestry canvas.

The first section of the book shows stencilling step-by-step and how the motifs are applied to the materials, and how these may then be needleworked as, for example, tapestries or quilts.

A selection of exquisitely stencilled items ranging from screens to pegged rugs and quilted cushions provide stylish inspiration.

The second section contains a unique collection of 24 Wren Loasby stencils which can be traced and applied to walls or furnishing for a co-ordinated look.

  Lobley, Priscilla: Flower Making
Faber & Faber 1st 1970
sm 4to pb 95pp, sl wr, sl marking + crease to cvrs o/w VG 185 gms
(Order reference 5845).
  Lowery, Dave: Model Railways - a complete guide to the hobby
Argus Books 2nd imp 1993
4to M/F 720 gms
(Order reference 5134).

  Luke, Heather: Design and Make Curtains
New Holland rep 1996
4to, glazed pictorial boards in similar d/w M/F 650 gms
(Order reference 6266).
Design and Make Cushions  Luke, Heather: Design and Make Cushions
New Holland 1st 1996
4to pb 80pp, short crse to fr cvr o/w VG++ 385 gms
(Order reference 9507).
  Maguire, Mary: Inpirations - Tin Crafts
Lorenz Books 1st 1999
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w, sl crsing to d/w o/w F+/VG++ 575 gms
(Order reference 12746).
  Marchant, Ian: Men and Models
New Holland 1st 2003
landscape fmt 8vo, glazed pictorial boards M 300 gms
(Order reference 12242).

30 Minute Rubber Stamp Workshop McCall, Sandra: 30 Minute Rubber Stamp Workshop
David & Charles 1st 2002
4to pb 128pp F 540 gms
(Order reference 10734).

Rubber stamping has never been easier, faster or more fun!

Create a fantastic range of rubber stamped treasures – each in 30 minutes or less. The 27 illustrated step-by-step projects feature notebooks and stationery, bracelets and hair clips, decorative objects and even an eye-catching clock case.

Includes essential advice for making quick stamped gifts and other items using beads, glazes, embossing powders, paints, pens and pencils – ideal for the first-time stamper, and the more experienced looking for fresh ideas.

Shows how to incorporate a variety of recycled materials and found objects to create truly unique and original results.

Inspirational suggestions highlight optional decorations and finishes, plus lots of useful and practical tips accompany each project for perfect stamping every time.


McClelland, Eliza: Traditional Beadwork - 20 glorious projects for beading on canvas
Anaya 1st 1994
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w, M/F 770 gms
(Order reference 13209).

  Miller, Judith: Period-Style Soft Furnishings
Mitchell Beazley 1st 1996
large landscape fmt 4to VG++/VG++ 1130 gms
(Order reference 9350).

  Moody, B E: Packaging in Glass
Hutchinson 1st 1963
8vo, green clth cvred bds, no d/w, min bmps to bds, v sl wr + abrasion o/w VG+ First major text on this subject. 800 gms
(Order reference 3285).
  Norman, Barbara: Glass Engraving
Arco Publishing 1st 1981
8vo F/F 580 gms
(Order reference 5516).

  Oughton, Frederick: The Complete Manual of Wood Finishing
Sobart & Son 1st pb edn 1986
arge 8vo pb 288pp, sl wr to edges of cvrs + some min bmps + marks to cvrs o/w VG++ 450 gms
(Order reference 14672).
O'Sullivan, Joanne: Hippie Crafts - creating a hip new look using groovy 60s crafts
Lark Books 1st 2004
square format 4to paperback 144pp VG++ 555 gms
(Order reference 14853).

“Feelin groovy?
Keep the Faith, baby, because hippie crafts are back in style. If you lived through the '60s, you'll be happy to see your old favorites again. If you didn't, here's your chance to find out what it was all about.

The far-out projects you'll find here aren't exactly the same as the hippie designs people grooved on in the decade of peace and love. While you'll recognize the source of inspiration, we've reinterpreted the old standards with new colors, materials, and embellishments that say today. Create fabulous hippie chic fashions, from a pretty macrame purse to a cool suede fringe vest. Bring some of that wild '60s flair into your pad by tie-dying throw pillows or crocheting a granny square afghan.

Whether it's a love bead necklace or a pair of bell-bottom jeans with flowered fabric panel inserts, you can make hippie crafts that are anything but square.”
  Parks, Carol: Complete Book of Window Treatments and Curtains - Traditional and Innovative Ways to Dress Up Your Windows
Sterling/Lark 4th prtg of 1st pb edn 1995
squ format 4to pb 143pp F 475 gms
(Order reference 4536).
  Philpott, Bryan: Making Model Aircraft
Patrick Stephens 1st 1976
8vo, v v min crsing to d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 435 gms
(Order reference 6401).

  Pinder, Polly: Handmade Eyelet Greetings Cards
Search Press 1st 2005
4to pb 48pp VG++ 220 gms
(Order reference 12753).
  Powell, Michelle: Iris Folded Greetings Cards
Search Press rep 2005
4to pb 48pp F 215 gms
(Order reference 14199).

  Price, Brick: The Model Shipbuilding Handbook
Chilton Book Co. 1983
4to pb 187pp, min bmps + wr to cvrs o/w VG+ 480 gms
(Order reference 10407).
  Rankin, H A & Brown, F H: Simple Art Aplied to Handwork 1
Sir Isaac Pitman no date (c 1913)
large 8vo, no d/w, decorated bds, min wr, small name to fr pastedown o/w VG+ 605 gms
(Order reference 9675).
  Rogers, Linda: 55 Celebration Doughcraft Designs
David & Charles 1st 1996
4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w VG++/VG++ 650 gms
(Order reference 9859).
  Rose, Augustus F & Cirino, Antonio: Jewelry Making and Design
Dover Publications no date
8vo pb 314pp F 365 gms
(Order reference 11324)
  Rothenberg, Polly: The Complete Book of Creative Glass Art
George Allen & Unwin 1st 1974
4to, v min bmps to bds, v min wr to to d/w, top r h cnr of fr d/w foldover clipped o/w VG++/VG++ 980 gms
(Order reference 5613).
  Sayer, Chloe: Crafts of Mexico
Aldus Books 1st 1977
4to, ex lib, reinforced library binding, min bmps + wr o/w VG+ 715 gms
(Order reference 11581).
  Schimmelpfennig, Wolfgang: Making & Flying Kites - traditional & modern designs - materials, methods, techniques, history, patterns
Castle 1989 4to VG++/VG++ 530 gms
(Order reference 12742).

  Schimmelpfennig, Wolfgang: Making & Flying Kites - traditional & modern designs - materials, methods, techniques, history, patterns
Castle 1989
4to VG++/VG++ 545 gms
(Order reference 14029).
  Shepherd, Margaret: Calligraphy Now - new light on traditional letters
David & Charles 1st UK edn 1985
4to F/VG++ 916 gms
(Order reference 2658)

  Simmons, Norman: How to Go Railway Modelling
Patrick Stephens 5th edn 1983
8vo, v v min bmps to bds, min crsing + wr to o/w VG++/VG++ 530 gms
(Order reference 7072).
  Smith, G F Herbert: Gemstones
Methuen & Co. 11th edn 1950
8vo, no d/w, gold titling to spine, v min wr to cnrs o/w VG++ 795 gms
(Order reference 11202).

Smith, Harriet: Gothic Jewelry - 35 scary projects to make, give and wear
Cico Books 1st 2011
square fmt 4to paperback 128pp F 490 gms
(Order reference 14832).

Inspired by classic gothic literature and movies, Harriet Smith's jewellery fuses dark beauty and humorous horror imagery—and here she shows you how to craft 35 of her distinct and striking pieces.

Each project is suitable for beginners to jewellery - making, with all the techniques clearly explained at the beginning of the book. The materials and tools used can be found in many arts, beading, DIY and homeware stores or located on the internet—and there are often alternatives to be found in the kitchen, tool cupboard, or an old toy chest.

The pieces incorporate a wide range of materials and there is nothing to stop you making them in the comfort of your own bedroom. Try making the skull earrings, bones bracelet, and dead flower corsage from the Fabrics chapter; in Metal Work and Beading there's a spider web ring, jewel beetle earrings, and a barbed wire bracelet; and you can have fun with the designs in the Acrylic chapter—including a bat brooch and tombstone necklace.

The designs Harriet has created have an eclectic style and aren't just for horror fans—anyone with an interest in craft will find something that captures their attention. The jewellery is easy to make and fun to wear, and will make a truly unique gift.

  Spencer, Joyce: Milner Craft Series - Folk Art Cards
Sally Milner Publications 1st 1973
4to pb 80pp F+ 240 gms
(Order reference 7742).
  Stevens-Stratten, S W: Model Railway Constructor Annual 1982
Ian Allan 1981
4to glazed pictorial boards VG+ 510 gms
(Order reference 7063).
  Swinkels, Bep: Enamelling
Robert Hale 1st UK 1975
8vo, printed paper bds in similar d/w, 2 tiny indents to fr bd + min wr o/w VG++/VG++ 234 gms
(Order reference 3529).
  Szarkowski, John F'word by Sandra S Phillips: Ansel Adams at 100
Little, Brown and Company 1st paperback edn 2001
landscape fmt 4to paperback, 2 tiny bmps to corners of cvrs, associated 3pp folded leaflet from the Hayward Gallery laid in. F 1215 gms
(Order reference 14871).

In commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Ansel Adams (19o2-1984), the centennial exhibition Ansel Adams at 100 presents a surprising new look at this legendary photographer's work. Organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the exhibition is directed by the distinguished curator John Szarkowski, director emeritus of the Department of Photography at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Szarkowski has painstakingly selected what he considers Adams' finest work and has attempted to find the single best photographic print of each.

Szarkowski notes that "Ansel Adams at. 100 is the product of a thorough review of work that Adams, at various times in his career, considered important. It includes many photographs that will be unfamiliar to lovers of Adams' work, and a substantial number that will be new to Adams scholars. The book is an attempt to identify that work on which Adams’ claim as an important modern artist must rest." Ansel Adams at 100—the exhibition and the book, with Szarkowski's incisive critical essay—is the first serious effort since Adams' death in 1984 to reevaluate his achievement as an artist. This special museum edition also includes a foreword by Sandra S. Phillips that situates Adams' lifework within the context of his native San Francisco.

The exhibition prints, drawn from important public and private collections, have been meticulously reproduced in tritone to create the splendid plates in this catalogue, faithfully rendering the nuances of the original prints. The images have been scaled to reflect the relative sizes of the original photographs and have been impeccably printed on specially made paper from France. The companion volume to an international traveling exhibition, Ansel Adams at 100 is destined to be the definitive book on this great American artist.
114 tritone and 23 duotone photographs

  Szilvasy, Linda Markuly: The Jewelled Egg - A comprehensive guide to the design and creation of decorated eggs
Association Press 1st 1976
4to pb 128pp, min wr + v slight crsing to cvrs, sm name to fep o/w VG+ 455 gms
(Order reference 6701).
  Tuffs, J Elsden: Teach Yourself Books - Conjuring
English University Press 1967
small 8vo F/VG++ 210 gms
(Order reference 7691).

  Van Wyke, Anne: The Craft of Soft Furnishing
Stanley Paul 1st 1978
8vo pb 88pp, bmps + sl crsing to cvrs o/w VG+ 150 gms
(Order reference 10850).
  Veenstra, Andre: Handbook of Ship Modelling
Model & Allied Publications 1st 1981
large 8vo pb 253pp, min wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 420 gms
(Order reference 10410).

  Wainwright, John: Discovering Lapidary Work
Mills & Boon 1st 1971
4to, v v min wr to bds, sl creasing + yellowing to white areas of d/w o/w VG+/VG 740 gms
(Order reference 6439).
  Watkins, Charmian: Decorating with Fabric Liberty Style
Simon & Schuster 1st 1987
lrge 4to, v min bmps to bds, sm name to fep, v v min crsing to d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 895 gms
(Order reference 3240).
  Whetton, Harry (ed): Practical Printing and Binding
Odhams Press 1946
8vo, no d/w, spotting to prelims, gold titling to sp, impressed device to fr bd, sl marking + sunning to bds o/w VG+ 890 gms
(Order reference 6002).
  Williams, Guy: Model Locomotive Construction in 4mm Scale
Ian Allen rep 1983
4to, spotting to 1/2 title page o/w VG++/VG++ 440 gms
(Order reference 11899).
  Windrow, Martin & Embleton, Gerry: Airfix Magazine Guide 19 - Model Soldiers
Patrick Stephens 1st 1976
8vo, glazed pictorial boards, sp + top edge sunned, prev owner's name sticker to fep o/w VG++ 190 gms
(Order reference 6298).

  Winter, Gordon: A Cockney Camera
Penguin 1975
4to pb, min rbs + bmps o/w VG+ 270 gms
(Order reference 1480).
  Withers, Sara: Fashion Beads - original ideas from around the world for making your own decorative beadwork and jewellery
Thames & Hudson 1st 1996 4to F/F 820 gms
(Order reference 6136).

  Woolhouse, Candida: Polymer Clay Greetings Cards
Search Press 1st 2002
4to pb 48pp, v min crsing to cvrs + pages o/w VG++ 210 gms
(Order reference 13703).
  Wrey, Caroline: Caroline Wrey's Curtain Style - a complete course with 15 step-by-step projects
Collins & Brown 4th imp 1997
large 4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar d/w, name to fep, v v min crsing to d/w edges o/w F/VG++ 825 gms
(Order reference 8198).
  Wrey, Caroline: Caroline Wrey's Curtain Style - a complete course with 15 step-by-step projects
Collins & Brown 4th edn 1997
4to, glazed pictorial boards, v v tiny indents to bds + tiny amt of wr to top cnr o/w VG++ 785 gms
(Order reference 8221).