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Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.- Peter Drucker


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One Hundred Years of Progress 1860-1960
East Lancashire Paper Mill Co.1960
large square fmt 4to, glazed pictorial boards with cloth spine VG++. Book of 13 Burnie paper samples + Burnie foldout leaflet laid in. 1025 gms
(Order reference 12656).


Dunlop and Ranken Ltd 1932 Iron & Steel Catalogue
Dunlop & Ranken 1932
narrow 8vo, hardback indexed catalogue of these Leeds based iron and steel stockholders and constructional engineers, all edges gilt 370 gms
(Order reference 7675).


An Extraordinary Enterprise in Polymer Science - Vita - the first fifty years
British Vita PLC 1999
large 4to pb 155pp VG++ 945 gms
(Order reference 14129).

  Funny Business - The Book
nd promotional book by advertising agency
laminated bds VG 324 gms
(Order reference 508).

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Arlott, John Illustrations by Timothy Jaques: Krug - House of Champagne
Davis-Poynter 1st 1976
8vo, cloth cvred bds with gold titling to spine + gold device to fr bd, small tear to top rear of price-clipped d/w o/w VG++/VG+ 565 gms
(Order reference 12917).


Atterbury, Paul: A Golden Adventure - The First Fifty Years of Ultramar
Hurtwood Press 1985
bmps to btm of fr bd, sl rbbing, VG in chppd G+ d/w 1225 gms
(Order reference 478).


Atterbury, Paul: A Golden Adventure - The First Fifty Years of Ultramar
Hurtwood Press 1985
min bmps & mrks to bds, trs & chps to d/w o/w VG+/G++ 1175 gms
(Order reference 1361).

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  Beaver, Patrick: Yes! We have Some - The Story of Fyffes PC
Publications for Companies 1st 1976
4to, crsing + short tr to d/w, inscr to fep o/w VG++/VG 630 gms
(Order reference 4128).
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  Christie, Guy: Storey's of Lancaster 1848 - 1964
Collins 1st 1964
8vo, wr + sm trs to slightly grubby d/w o/w VG++/VG 620 gms
(Order reference 8555).
  Christie, Guy: Storey's of Lancaster 1848 - 1964
Collins 1st 1964
8vo, wr + small trs to sl grubby d/w o/w VG++/VG 620 gms
(Order reference 8556).
  Couldrey, Vivienne: The Art of Tiffany
Eagle Editions 2001
large 4to pb 192pp F 1290 gms
(Order reference 14367).
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 150 years of Prudential Dennett, Laurie: A Sense of Security: 150 years of Prudential
Granta Editions 1st 1998
4to, v min bmps to bds, min crsing to btm edge of d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 1630 gms
(Order reference 7464).

The Company known worldwide as `the Prudential' — and in the United Kingdom, where at one time every third household was insured with it, as `the Pru' — has played an integral part in the commercial and social life of the nation for the past 150 years. Today it is one of Britain's largest institutional investors,, and its major provider of life insurance, pensions and allied financial services.

A Sense of Security examines the history of the Company that began in 1848 'with less capital than optimism, after a false start, at a less than auspicious time and in an insignificant place' and within the space of a generation rose to become a national institution. Its strength was built on industrial insurance — life assurance for the working classes, involving the weekly collection of small premiums by agents — along the lines developed by its dynamic and visionary Secretary, Henry Harben. This was only the beginning of a success story like no other, for Prudential's activities would eventually embrace most areas of insurance, and be carried abroad into 34 countries.

For much of its 150 years, Prudential has been the most powerful force in the insurance industry, in the vanguard of product development and service to policyholders, its influence helping to shape legislation that still affects us all. A Sense of Security avoids a narrow focus: well known figures — from W.E. Gladstone and Sir Alfred Waterhouse to Horatio Bottomley — come alive, `the Man from the Pru acquires a human face, and Prudential's unique corporate culture receives its due. From the development of National Insurance to the battle against nationalisation, from the Great War to the information revolution, A Sense of Security offers a comprehensive and lively account of a great Company.

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  Hart-Davis, Duff: The House the Berrys Built - inside The Telegraph 1928-1986
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 1990
large 8vo F++/F+ 750 gms
(Order reference 12888).
  Harvey, Michael: Patons - a Story of Handknitting
Springwood Books 1st 1985
4to, ex lib, usual stamps + marking, sl wr + sl curling to btm edge of d/w, min bmps + sl sunning to bds o/w VG/VG 700 gms
(Order reference 14648).
  Howarth, Stephen: A Century in Oil - The Shell Transport & Trading Company 1897-1997
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st 1997
closed tr to d/w o/w M/VG+ 1610 gms
(Order reference 475).
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A Fabric Huge - The Story of Listers  Keighly, Mark: A Fabric Huge - The Story of Listers
James & James 1989
4to pb 96pp F 400 gms
(Order reference 6962).

This book tells with wit and erudition the history of a great mill and textile manufacturer. The story has many strands: Victorian enterprise on a grand scale, the experience of a major industry over many stormy years, changes of fashion, the evolution of design and production of fabrics in many forms and uses, the dramas of war and peace, and last but not least the people of Bradford. Lord Briggs points out in his distinguished foreword that this is not only a substantial piece of Victorian industrial history; the twentieth century part of the story is equally remarkable. The book concludes with an account of a radical development for Manningham Mills giving the buildings an important new cultural and business function for many years to come.
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  Lee, N & Stubbs, P C: The History of Dorman Smith 1878 - 1972
Newman Neame 1st 1972
8vo F/F 400 gms
(Order reference 10647).
  Lindsay, Maurice: Count All Men Mortal - a history of Scottish Provident 1837-1987
Canongate 1st 1987
large 4to, v v min wr to d/w o/w F/VG++ 1065 gms
(Order reference 9145).
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  Murgatroyd, Keith & Nancy: Concern - an account of the first 25 years in the life of the Casey Group of Companies
P & C Casey 1993
landsc format 4to, glazed pictorial boards in a similar wrapper F/F 590 gms
(Order reference 13653).
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  Nottingham, Lucy: Rathbone Brothers - from Merchant to Banker 1742-1992
Rathbone Brothers Plc 1992
4to, no d/w, cloth cvred bds with v v min wr + marking o/w VG+ 490 gms
(Order reference 13057).
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  Pudney, John: A Draught of Contentment - the story of the Courage Group
New English Library 1st 1971
8vo VG++/VG++ 415 gms
(Order reference 9027).
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  Reader, W J: Fifty Years of Unilever 1930 - 1980
Heinemann 1st 1980
4to pb, 160 pp, sl rbs, o/w VG+ 500 gms
(Order reference 987).
Metal Box - a history Reader, W J: Metal Box - a history
Heinemann 1st 1976
8vo VG++/VG++ 615 gms
(Order reference 13944).

The central theme of this history is the transformation of the tin-box making and printing industries of late Victorian England into the packaging industry of the present day, working with great diversity of materials. The broad social background is a widespread and continuous rise in working class standards of living. During the 'thirties, Metal Box played a major role in the introduction into the United Kingdom of the technology of
high-speed canning, including both the making of cans and the machinery required for filling and closing them. The result, in what is often regarded as a period of universal depression, was the foundation of a new and flourishing branch of the British food industries. As soon as the new technology was established in the United Kingdom, Metal Box began exporting it: a policy which has been greatly intensified in the last thirty years. The book is therefore also a study of multi-national business, a British success story in a period when British success has gone largely unnoticed. Metal Box owes a great deal to Sir Robert Barlow, whose remarkable character and achievements are fully and freely discussed. Students of social and economic history, managers, and in fact anyone concerned with private capitalism and how it works (which is not always how it is said to work), will gain a clearer insight from this book into the way British business has developed in the past, leading, perhaps, to a better grasp of its problems and possibilities in the present and future.
  Redhead, Brian & Goodie, Sheila: The Summers of Shotton
Hodder & Stoughton 1st 1987
4to VG++/VG++ 545 gms
(Order reference 14054).
  Ritchie, Berry: Portrait in Oil - An Illustrated History of BP
James James 1st 1995
large 4to, gold titling to fr bd + spine, min bmps to bds, v v sl wr to d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 930 gms
(Order reference 9136).
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  Tillmans, Martin: Bridge Hall Mills - Three Centuries of Paper and Cellulose Film Manufacture
Compton Press 1st 1978
4to, cloth covered bds with gold titling to sp, min wr + chps to d/w with rough sellotape repair to short tr o/w VG++/VG+ 815 gms
(Order reference 5958).
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